The Hoops & Sirius XM NBA Insider, says corporate sponsors may change the league's landscape.

Brian Geltzeiler: "When you get guys involved with endorsement contracts that want to send them in certain directions... The guys that started Under Armour are a bunch of University of Maryland guys. They're looking for a big presence in that D.C., Maryland, Virginia area and it would benefit them a lot to have Kevin Durant in town... (Endorsement companies) can rule the day! You look at what (the NBA) has tried to do with the Collective Bargaining Agreement, which is distribute talent evenly - which by the way guys has worked. Guys are going away from large markets into different situations now. This C.B.A. in terms of distributing talent, has absolutely worked. This is something that will totally trump that... And you're gonna have corporate entities taking over on where guys go play and that to me, that worries me a little bit." 

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Photo: Getty Images