Tony Dungy: NFL Needs to Get Rid of Pass Interference Reviews Next Year

Rich Eisen: “If the league’s competition committee reached out to you and said ‘What should we do with the rule we created that makes pass interference reviewable?’ would what you say?”
Tony Dungy: “Get rid of it yesterday! It’s a mess. Trying to review judgment, and then having someone be the ultimate authority on my judgement, who is then going to trump the judgement on the guys on the field? I just don’t like that and it’s been a catastrophe all year. Now we have the opportunity to see it on the field in New Orleans and we didn’t even see it in place on the last play of the game when it was clearly pass inference. I don’t understand how they overturn one now going forward.” (Full Interview Above)

Listen to former NFL head coach Tony Dungy explain to Rich Eisen why the NFL needs to scrap the controversial pass interference reviews that have befuddled the entire sport all season.

After the New Orleans Saints were hosed in the dying seconds of regulation against the Los Angeles Rams last season because of a blatantly missed defensive pass interference call, the league added a rule that made it possible to challenge these plays.

However, what we got in 2019 was an extremely confusing enforcement of the rule that had the league very rarely ever reversing what was called on the field, including the controversial ending in the Vikings and Saints game that had New Orleans players screaming screwjob yet again.

Check out the video above as Dungy details why the league needs to get rid of the P.I. reviews this offseason.

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