Pennsylvania Neighborhood Named Most Expensive Place To Live In The State

Residential buildings in West Village, New York City, USA

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You might not know the exact zip code, but you know the scene. You're driving past rows and rows of decently sized homes when all of a sudden, the humble properties that lined the streets begin to grow in size, the lawns expand, and now; there's a gate separating you from the rest of the neighborhood. The houses beyond the sturdy retracting gate are surely architectural sights to behold, similar to those located in the most expensive neighborhood in Pennsylvania, and you can't help but wonder just how much it costs to live there.

According to a list compiled by Family Handyman, the most expensive place to live in Pennsylvania is Philadelphia. This specific neighborhood's zip code is 19103. Houses in this neighborhood cost an average of $1,282,500.

Here's what Family Handyman had to say about the most expensive place to live in the entire state:

"The state’s largest city, Philadelphia, has a median home value of $1,282,500. It’s notable for its American Revolutionary sites, iconic Liberty Bell and Rocky statue. And let’s not forget the authentic Philly cheesesteak! Here are 15 house painting ideas that improve curb appeal."

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