Pennsylvania Restaurant Named Best Place To Eat In The Entire State

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Is it time to eat yet?

Why enjoy an average meal when you can enjoy the best meal in your life? That is the question. Restaurants cover much of the country. Dinners, cafés, and eateries saturated throughout cities and towns give hungry humans so many dining options to choose from. Since there is such an abundance of choices for patrons to pick from, we've narrowed it down for you by finding a resource that detailed the best restaurant in the entire state.

DISCLAIMER: You will be substantially hungrier after reading the rest of this article.

According to a list compiled by Sherman's Travel, the best place to eat in all of Pennsylvania is Zahav located in Philadelphia. This one-of-a-kind establishment serves up delicious Israeli food that customers cannot stop raving about.

Here's what Sherman's Travel had to say about the best restaurant in Pennsylvania:

"Creamy hummus served with fresh, hot laffa bread straight out of the taboon, pomegranate lamb shoulder, and boutique Israeli wines have all put Zahav on every Philadelphia foodie's radar. Helmed by Chef Michael Solomonov (a five-time James Beard Award winner!), this popular Israeli eatery offers a unique atmosphere that'll make you feel as if you're in a Jerusalem courtyard."

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