The One Restaurant You Need To Visit In Pennsylvania

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One day you're sitting at home eating bland, tasteless food, just waiting to experience cuisine exceptional enough to get you out of a never-ending food funk, and the next, you're dining at Pennsylvania's "must-visit" restaurant, stomach full, and sporting a smile from ear to ear because your order was just THAT good. If the above describes your current situation and you'd rather be partaking in a one-of-a-kind meal than going about the same, old, boring food routine, then we have some important information for you!

According to a list compiled by The Daily Meal, the one restaurant that you need to visit in Pennsylvania is Shady Maple Smorgasbord located in East Earl.

Here's what The Daily Meal had to say about the must-visit spot, and what makes it so special:

"The buffet at Shady Maple Smorgasbord is open for breakfast as well as lunch, but it's at dinner time that you really get your money's worth with the best all-you-can-eat deal in the state. Take your pick of 46 salad-bar items, eight homemade breads and rolls, eight meats, 14 vegetables, three soups, four cheeses, three hot desserts, 10 cold desserts, six cakes, eight pies, a sundae bar and all kinds of beverages. Line it all up and you've got about 200 feet of authentic Pennsylvania Dutch cuisine, feeding almost 1.5 million people every year."

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