Pennsylvania Grocery Store Named Best In The Entire State

Grocery Store Isle

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Do you have a go-to grocery store that you frequent?

Grocery store chains and local grocery markets often vary depending on where you live. For example, Albertsons locations are widely available throughout the American West, but none exist in the South. Similarly, Piggly Wiggly locations exist throughout most of the South, but there are none in the West.

According to a list compiled by The Daily Meal, the best grocery store in all of Pennsylvania is Giant.

Here's what The Daily Meal had to say about compiling the data to discover the best grocery store in each state:

"We evaluated these grocery stores using strict criteria: stock (the range of brands and offerings); innovation (delivery, mobile apps, etc.); value; and contribution to the community. Of course, in many instances, a great supermarket chain has locations in many states. In order to give the smaller, more homegrown chains their fair shake, each chain only appears on our list once. We gave preference to smaller local chains that were founded in or are headquartered in the state and have become a beloved part of the local community. In certain cases, however, the big chain is indeed the best supermarket in the state, even if its origins are further afield."

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