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Josh Allen is an Overrated Jameis Winston-Type Turnover Machine

Ben Maller: “There’s a lot of Bills propaganda. Is there any fan more annoying right now than the Bills fan? Historically, the Cowboys fans are at the very top in terms of football annoyance, but right now, the Buffalo fan is scum. Can we all agree on that? Everyone in shaking their head, ‘YES’, everyone agrees with me. How confident are you that Josh Allen is going to lead Buffalo on a magic carpet ride all the way to the Viva, Las Vegas? On the ‘Maller Scale of Confidence’ with the Buffalo Bills, 1-10, I’m at a ‘4’. I can’t go higher than four for Josh Allen and the Bills. His comp is Jameis Winston. When you’re being compared to Jameis Winston, that ain’t a good thing, and that’s the reality. Prove me wrong? You can’t prove me wrong! Everyone is literally leaning over and giving a tongue bath to Josh Allen. He had two interceptions and a fumble [vs. Miami in Week 18] and failed to convert on a fourth down. I thought Josh Allen was a ‘wrecking ball’ late in the game? Watching Josh Allen, he’s a trip to the ‘Fun Zone’, and the Midway Arcade. The Josh Allen Midway Arcade, bring some change! People stand spellbound with amazement watching Josh Allen but he’s a zero-sum player. He’s a zero-sum quarterback at this point. For every sizzle reel play, and he does make them, you know the next play with be a kamikaze mission. He is erratic, twenty-five turnovers this season. Seven fumbles and 18 interceptions for Josh Allen. You wanna bet on that guy? GOOD LUCK. Bet ALL of your money. Bet your mortgage, bet your car payment, bet your kid’s college fund, bet EVERYTHING on Buffalo. Let it all roll on a guy that is a turnover machine. It’s not sustainable you dummy. That is the reality of it. The people that are knowledgeable football fans know what I’m talking about. The fanboys have no idea and have no concept.” 

Watch Ben Maller of Fox Sports Radio’s Ben Maller Show compare Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen to former Tampa Bay Buccaneers gunslinger Jameis Winston, and label him a ‘zero-sum player’, who is equally as flawed as they are dominant.

In 2019, Winston, who is now the backup in New Orleans, led the NFL in passing yards with 5,109, but became the first player in league history to throw for over 30 touchdowns and also toss more than 30 interceptions in the same season.

Check out the segment above as Maller rips Allen for ranking second in the league in turnovers, only behind Commanders QB Sam Howell, and calls out the Bills ‘fanboys’ for their constant pro-Allen ‘propaganda.’ 

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