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06/20/2024 – Best of 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe

Hour 1: Jonas, Brady & LaVar – NFL in Dublin

Today on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, the guys prepare for Summer storylines. Brady returns from hanging with the in-laws celebrating the Celtics title. There’s a push for expanded NFL international games. Plus, typos and beer prices on “ICYMI.”

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Hour 2: Jonas, Brady & LaVar – Draft Pick or Draft Shtick

NFL owners discuss the idea of taking quarterbacks off the Salary Cap because of their large contracts. The guys play a game of “Draft Pick or Draft Schtick.” Plus, losing sunglasses and the Express Pros Pro of the Week.

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Hour 3: Jonas, Brady & LaVar – Albert Breer

George Kittle lost 30 pounds after surgeries but is it a big deal for the Niners? Rich Paul shoots down the idea of LeBron and Bronny being a package deal. Senior NFL Reporter for TheMMQB, Albert Breer stops by. Plus, “You In or Out?”

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Draymond Green Show - Nick Nurse

Current Philadelphia 76ers head coach, and former head coach of the Toronto Raptors, Nick Nurse joins Draymond Green to discuss his road to the NBA, the Toronto Raptors trying to get over the hump against LeBron James years ago, what it was like coaching Kawhi Leonard and then watching him leave Toronto after winning the NBA Finals in 2019, why Kyle Lowry is the GOAT Raptor, how the Raptors defended Steph Curry five years ago to win a title, what it’s like coaching Joel Embiid these days, if the NBA should shorten the season, and much more.

00:00 - Start

02:40 - Coaching Journey

15:00 - Kawhi Leonard

26:00 - GOAT Toronto Raptor

30:00 - Facing Steph & Warriors in Finals

34:00 - Coaching Joel Embiid

41:00 - Shorten the NBA season?

Produced by: Jackson Safon

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The Aaron Hernandez Story: Part Two

Join host Jay Harris as he continues exploring the complex life of Aaron Hernandez. This episode further examines the turbulent saga of the NFL star, detailing how early struggles and connections shaped his journey from a promising athlete to a convicted felon. Learn how his return to New England marked the beginning of a tragic downfall, weaving together professional highs with personal lows that ultimately led to disaster.


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Best of The Ben Maller Show

Big Ben talks about Rich Paul saying that LeBron & Bronny aren't a package deal, reports that J.J. McCarthy has a very slim chance of starting for the Vikings, Maller to the Third Degree, #AskBen, Puck the World w/ Eddie Garcia, and more!

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Daniel Cormier TV - Daniel Cormier REACTS to Jake Paul vs. Mike Perry fight announcement: "Jake GETS BEAT on July 20"

Daniel Cormier gives his INSTANT REACTION to the announcement that Jake Paul is fighting Mike Perry on July 20, 2024. DC breaks down the fight and explains why Mike Perry WILL BEAT Jake Paul. Plus, Cormier REVEALS what the secret to a win will be for Paul. And don't miss DC give his thoughts on the Mike Tyson fight and where this leaves that bout.

4:30 - Talking to Luke Rockhold
6:00 - Mike Perry's career
7:00 - Fight prediction
8:30 - What happened to Mike Tyson?

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Hour 1 - Manipulation Situation

Ben Maller talks about RIch Paul claiming that LeBron & Bronny James are NOT a package deal, Pascal Siakam signing a mega-deal with the Pacers, who is to blame for the NBA Finals rating decline, and more!

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Hour 2 - Purple Pause

Ben Maller talks about reports that J.J. McCarthy has a less than 10% chance of starting as QB1 for the Vikings, Alvin Kamara saying that he's "not a stat dude," Maller to the Third Degree, and much more!

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